MatrixOne: a hyperconverged and one-size-fits-most database in Go


I’d like to introduce a hyperconverged and one-size-fits-most database named MatrixOne, written in Go.
Github: GitHub - matrixorigin/matrixone: Hyperconverged cloud-edge native database
It’s a redesigned database with a combined architecture of CockroachDB, Clickhouse and Apache Flink. Our motivation is to bring a simple and one-size-fits-most data processing framework and significantly reduce the complexity of building modern data platform.

Key Objectives:

  • Simple usage by standarized SQL with support of multiple dialects.
  • Supports transactional, analytical, streaming workloads in one database.
  • Blazing fast query performance with strong consistency and ACID transactional property.
  • Large scalability across different infrastructures, including public/private cloud, on-premise and edge devices.

It’s still a very early stage project, the latest 0.3.0 release version is mainly a MPP OLAP engine, with distributed strong consistency based on Raft.
A SSB benchmark test is run over MatrixOne and it outperforms clickhouse at 50%, with some constraints on.

Feel free to test MatrixOne and any feedback is welcome.

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