Math with Pointer

I have 2 float64 values as pointer.

var a *float64
var b *float64

a = 3.5
b = 5.5

a + b = (operator + not defined on pointer)

How I can work with operatoren & Pointer?

This code dos not compile since you can’t assign a float literal to a pointer and you also can’t take the address of a float literal.

Why don’t you work with the floats directly?

When I put a float to 0.0, then the marshaler thinks this keyvalue is empty and leaves it out in json. Is float64 a pointer, then can set the value to 0. Yes I know i can use the schema “json:key, omitempty” but then my updater for the DB won’t work right,

What DB? What updater? How does it consume JSON?

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