Marshaling nested types

Here is my code

package main

import (

type Details struct {
	ID string `json:"id"`

type extended struct {
	tn map[string]string

func main() {
	b, _ := json.Marshal(extended{
		Details:  Details{
			ID: "foo",
		tn: map[string]string{
			"test": "bar",


This is what I am getting


And I want to get this

{"id":"foo", "test":"bar"}

Thanks for your help.

json.Marshal only marshals public struct members: Go Playground - The Go Programming Language


I dont want to print TN in the raw message. Your code prints {"id":"foo","TN":{"test":"bar"}} and I want {"id":"foo","test":"bar"}

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You want custom marshaling. Write a MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) method for your Extended type. json package - encoding/json - Go Packages

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tn needs to be changed to Tn so that it is exported.
You can not marshall private fields.

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