Maps and txt file in go

Hi guys, I have a file of multiple columns, this file is a txt, and I want to map it to search for a string. Consider a txt like this

Name When
Bob   123
Alice 456
John  789

the file is really long, like 500k of lines and i have to search (if possible non in a case sensitive way) the names that are equal to a value. Let’s assume that my variable temp is = to “john” it has to return 789

How can achieve it?

Have you tried anything? Does it work?

And how are the two columns separated? Is there a tab or does the When column start at a fixed position?Can the Name` column contain spaces?

no, cause i don’t know how to approach the problem

Did you try reading the file line by line, splitting the text, check if first element is what you are looking for and then you have it?


try bufio.NewScanner(file) and then .Scan() and scanner.Text()

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