Manual Install of Github module

Trying to get the go-sql-driver mysql working on an enclave that has
no Internet connection. I can get a hello world golang working. I got our admin
to download the above module/package and copied it to GOPATH/src/ My mysql tester is at GOPATH/src/m.go and has the "import ( _ “GitHub - go-sql-driver/mysql: Go MySQL Driver is a MySQL driver for Go's (golang) database/sql package”) statement at the top. When I do “go build m.go” I get…“no required module provides package …go-sql-driver mysql”. I trolled the Internet and there isn’t too much on manual installs. I have been using Python, but I need to process 17 trillion RedShift rows, so I have the need for speed. Any help appreciated.

Fixing any confusion: Reading RedShift (PostGreSql-like) writing results to MySql. Thought I would start with MySql first. Hope that helps. Go version is go1.20.12 linux/adm64. MySql already installed and being used by many folks.

Hello there. Do you really need your codebase on the machine? Why simply don’t use the pre compiled binary? If you do, I would suggest to use vendoring instead of manually downloading modules. You can create your project elsewhere and do go mod vendor, it will create local copies of packages you use and you can transfer it to a destination