Managing Dependencies (as in IoC) and Avoid Globals

  • There are Go packages that help with dependency injection, employing reflection.
  • And other practices insist on passing everything as an argument, down the pipe; employing mostly factory methods.
  • At the same time putting long-lived instances inside a context is not recommended - I like context for cancellation (and hierarchy of cancellations) and I like it for passing state when every step in a pipeline is concurrent and short lived; for other uses, using context seems a not proper choice.

Struggling with these thoughts, something like a hierarchical “service locator” (or is it?) came to my mind:

type DepRegistry struct {
	parent *DepRegistry
	deps   sync.Map

func (r *DepRegistry) Register(name string, dep interface{}) {
	r.deps.Store(name, dep)

// Load first loads from current instance, then tries
// to load from parent (panics if fails to find)
func (r *DepRegistry) Load(name string) interface{} {
	dep, ok := r.deps.Load(name)
	if !ok {
		if r.parent != nil {
			return r.parent.Load(name)
		panic("unknown dep " + name)
	return dep

func NewDepRegistry(parent ...*DepRegistry) *DepRegistry {
	res := &DepRegistry{}
	if len(parent) > 0 && parent[0] != nil {
		res.parent = parent[0]
	return res

I would love to hear thoughts on this matter. Is it an acceptable solution? Is there anything missing?

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