Makefile with golang

Can we run/test makefile for a Golang App in windows environment. I am using makefile plugin in Intellij (in windows environment ). I also read about GO commands as alternatives to makefile, is it a good idea to use Go commands rather than makefile. Please suggest how should I proceed?

Make is very good at dependencies that can be checked by comparing file dates. Go run, on the other hand, is good at dependencies declared in go programs. In Intellij I tend to use the little Run/Debug tool (which uses go run), but for building and installing containers I use Make or a CI/CD pipeline.

We will use GoCd pipeline in our project(I am not expert of that), but does it make sense to use both makefile and GoCd pipeline for goland application(Rest Apis). And where can we configure “Go RUN” in GoCd pipeline? Please give me some details about that

My suggestion would be to use Mage.

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