Machine learning with Go

I am a seasoned Go programmer and I’m really interested in learning machine learning and AI and want to expand my understanding in these fields.
I saw some courses on these subjects and all of them were based on Python. Is there any tutorial series/course which uses Go and explain AI/ML ?

Hi @prasangmisra, welcome to the forum.

I am not aware of any Go-specific AI/ML courses or tutorials. (Which does NOT mean that none exist)

What you can do is: Do a Python tutorial and re-write the Python code in Go by yourself, or let some AI translate the Python code into Go. (This approach requires that the tutorial teaches the AI/ML algorithms from scratch and does not use existing AI/ML libraries. Or if the tutorial uses AI/ML libraries, ensure these libraries have a Go SDK.)

For a very very very basic intro to AI (in fact, the most basic introduction possible), read this :slight_smile:


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