Looking over a couple Articles about Json

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https://www.json.org/ and https://www.crockford.com/mckeeman.html
What is ws? Just guessing, white space?

“name newline nothing alternatives”

"Each alternative is indented on its own line. Each alternative contains items followed by a newline.

alternative alternatives

indentation items newline"

What are alternatives?

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Alternative means an option, a variant, a choice. Something from set of elements. So alternative is an element.

In the article there is example with JSON below.

value //set = value, 
    object // alternative from set value
    array // and this one
    string // same here
    number // ...
    "true" // ...
    "false" // ...
    "null" // ...

All types (bool,string, int whatever) are also a set and alternatives is all valid values.

P.S. Grammars are hard concept.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I saved your information to a file

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