Looking for ORM / Query Builder Suggestion

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a suggestion similar to Jooq (https://www.jooq.org/) That connects to a live DB and generates model files based on the live database schema.

I was looking at SQLBoiler though it seems like it has issues with working with multiple Postgres Schemas.

Has anyone found any good tool they like and would recommend?

Try https://github.com/avelino/awesome-go. The topic ORM has about 21 different options I guess. And if you need anything else that’s the best curated list of Go projects I’ve found so far.

Thanks. I ended up going with https://github.com/volatiletech/sqlboiler though https://github.com/xo/xo also looks interesting.

Awesome Go is great. I keep forgetting about it though I have looked at it before.

If you are interested, take a look at my project https://fs02.github.io/rel/
The aim wasn’t to be query builder, but it does have that feature built in.

PS: I am the author :slight_smile:

it looks nice, the doc is polished which is always a selling point for an OSS project.

I was looking specifically for something that can introspect a live database and build its query objects from the database schema. I don’t think you have that feature.

Let me know if I just missed it.

I see, yes we don’t have it, it isn’t the goal of rel.

No worries, there’s a variety of tools for the various needs. The beauty of OSS is choice. :slight_smile:

thanks for the suggestion.

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