Looking for Go Tutor

Hello all,

I’m looking for a Go tutor; I’ve read quite a few books, and enjoy the language. However, I’ve noticed as I’ve tried to take on writing larger projects, my code gets unorganized, I’m not entirely sure how to structure my packages, etc. I come from an infrastructure / security background, and have only taken intro courses to various programming languages at college.

Is anyone here looking to make a bit of extra money and share their knowledge? Preferably I’m looking for someone who writes code for a living.

Kind regards,

It would be cheaper to just ask questions here in the forum. Most of the regulars write code for a living and are willing to help.


Hi Steven,

I am a senior programmer and can spare time for some tutoring as well.
Please get in touch : scott.cisin20@gmail.com and will discuss further.

Best regards,
Scott W.