Looking for go coding YouTube channels (not tutorials)

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I am looking for coding channels on YouTube (or Twich, or whatever) that do Go programming. And I am not talking about tutorials (I do however have a recommendation for a really good tutorial and some really good books below), but more of the “let’s code the program X”-type of channels. I am surprised how few of these types of channels there are out there using Go, I seem to be running into a lot of them for other languages, like JavaScript, Python and C/C++.

A couple of examples so that you know what I am looking for:

This first one, my favorite so far, by Jack Mott, starts out as a tutorial, but after 5 or 6 episodes he starts to develop a simple (balloon shooting) game (using SDL if I remember correctly), and later a much more interesting evolving image project (recommended, see episode 15 - 21). He even starts developing an RPG at the end, but unfortunately does not finish it:

The second one I have found (by Velovix), he begins to develop a game, also using SDL if I remember correctly, but unfortunately he ends after only 7 episodes. It still was very interesting to me though:

That is basically it for channels that I have found, that matches the “lets code…”-template, but I want more!!! :slight_smile: Does anyone have any recommendations for Go channels you have found, that does projects, rather than tutorials?

Ps: Even though I am not asking for a tutorial, I have to plug this one though. It is the best tutorial I have found so far. I am talking about Matt Holidays Go Classes tutorial, that I highly recommend for everyone to watch through at least once.

When I first found his tutorial, I found it a little bit too hard, he does not spend a lot of time on the basics. But now when I know Go a lot better, I finally appreciate his tutorial a lot more. I would say that this tutorial is more for intermediate to advanced Go programmers:

Pps: Another amazing Go project that follows the “let’s code…”-template, but in book form, is Thorsten Balls book about how to write an interpreter and compiler in Go. See https://interpreterbook.com/ and https://compilerbook.com/. If anyone have recommendations about books like this, I’ll gladly accept that too.

I think this is a very helpful series as well regarding Golang Learn Go

You should check out “The Coding Train” and “Derek Banas”.

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I love Coding Train, but he is coding Javascript, P5.js etc, and I wanted a similar channel, that is using Go instead :slight_smile: I thought about mentioning The Coding Train as an example of what I am looking for, but unfortunately I didn’t.

I know I have watched Derek Banas in the past, but he isn’t coding Go either is he? I will check him out again though.Thanks…

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