Looking for a tech co-founder for an awesome project

Hey guys - I’m looking for a co-founder for an awesome startup I have been working on for over a year. We are building a really cool technology that will automate the apartment leasing process and get rid of majority of real estate agents and reduce the cost of renting for everyone. In major cities like NY we have a problem with housing affordability and the cost of leasing an apartment through a broker costs crazy 1 month ($3-5k) commission. Add security deposit, first month rent, moving expenses and you are looking $10-15k just to move in! And all brokers do is open the door for you. We want to change it and we figured out a way how to do it.

At Arcade we are reinventing the way apartments are rented. Using smart access technologies and user-centered design, Arcade provides a better leasing experience by making the leasing process more efficient, pleasant and more affordable for renters. Our technology will automate the majority of the manual tasks done by property managers, leasing agents and brokers providing them with more time to focus on customer service.

In a nutshell, Arcade is a web application for property owners and managers to manage vacancies and a mobile app for renters to book and self-tour apartments without leasing agents or brokers. As the company grows, the platform will evolve to handle the communication between landlords and renters, the application and background screening process, lease signing and rent payments.

To-date, we have built and launched the MVP in NYC. The MVP consist of a simple listing management and tour booking web application that is integrated with our partner smart lock company.

You will be our first technology go-to expert and play an integral role in setting the company’s strategic direction, development, and future growth. The initial responsibilities include refining our MVP and building out the additional functionalities of the platform. You will oversee all the development and be responsible for technical architecture and maintaining the platform health.

Why you would want to join Arcade:
• We strongly believe that a culture and proper incentives dictate the success of any company.
• You will get to work on a problem that everyone living in big cities face and build creative solutions that can disrupt the rental brokerage industry.
• Build meaningful relationships with a group of awesome and creative people, work on challenging yet highly rewarding problems and have fun while doing it.
• Lastly, we offer generous equity, supportive and fun work environment.

Technologies used:
Cloud-based backend built on Elixir with server rendered front-end with minimal React that is integrated through the API of our smart lock partner.

You must have:
• 5+ years of experience working as a full stack or back-end developer
• At least 1 year production experience
• A solid understanding of software development including web technologies, APIs, databases, security, and scaling applications
• High standards in code quality, readability and documentation with emphasis on test-driven development
• A strong independent work ethic and communication skills
• Curious, open-minded and willingness to move fast and being adaptable
Plusses/Ideal candidate:
• Passion for real estate
• An understanding of the intersection of business and technology decisions
• Front-end skills and understanding of mobile app development

This is an equity only position until outside funding is raised. There is a possibility to start on a part-time basis then graduate into full-time post-fundraising.

If you are interested please reach out to me: