Looking for a Go interpreter for gamedev

My team and I are working on an real-time strategy videogame engine written in Go, and wanted to use its syntax at all times. Our use case requires realtime embedding between scripts and the application. The only usable interpreter we’ve stumbled upon so far is one that mandates lua, which we want to avoid at all costs due to its hipster syntax.

We have investigated the following Go interpreters, but found issues with them that prevent their usage:
gomacro - Does not appear to support realtime embedding
yaegi - Same as above, but also does not support modules and requires Go to be installed on the end user’s computer
v8js - Has issues parsing data between scripts and the application. I can’t put more than 2 links in a post, which is hilarious, so I’ll just leave out the dot like a youtube commenter would. github com/rogchap/v8go

As we are all new to Go, any assistance and advice on this topic from those more knowledgeable would be appreciated. If there is no usable interpreter that suits our purposes while supporting using Go as an interpreted language, we would be willing to fallback to javascript, C#, or Python as our interpreted language, but we haven’t yet found usable interpreters for those languages.

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