Looking for a freelancer to work on "Mobile Gaming Framework"

Given the architecture details, we would like to have a framework written in Go Language with well defined APIs to integrate multiple 2D games like Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, Paint, Solitaire, etc. Eventually, these APIs are supposed to work with location-based augmented-reality (AR) 2D mobile games which includes integration with Bluetooth and other IOT devices. The platform should be optimized for the best performance with well defined documentation, test-cases and examples. The deliverables should include both frontend and backend components, completely driven by config following 12Factors closely. Backend components should be cloud agnostic with well defined interfaces to support at-least Google Cloud and AWS. The platform will be extensively optimized for SQLite, we expect very good understanding of SQLite and mobile platforms (both Android and iOS). Frontend components should render very efficiently on both Android and iOS with at-least 60FPS. Also they should support high-quality 2D animations, so good understanding of OpenGL is a bonus. Given the requirements, we anticipate the work to last for 4 months between 2 full-time senior developers.

I’m not sure what you are looking for from what you provided here. Your problem domain is kind of all over the place crossing from frontend to backend. It would be nice if you could further elaborate on what these services will be doing. Have you seen the Pixel library it solves many of the problems you’ll need to solve already.