Logging into a website needing a button clicked

Hi all
I have been trying to access data from a website ( I do have passwords and such and can do it using Powershell) which requires entry of password, email Id, csrf cookie and a session cookie along with clicking a button. I have tried a few ideas from using cookies to using the url.Value and just cannot get it working. Is there any ideas how to go about this ?.

One way is to make a html <form> and POST the values to an endpoint in Go. Read the input elements from the form and pass them to Go variables.

What have you tried?

I have tried almost everything, but guess I am just doing something wrong, I tried using a http.Get so I could get access to the cookies and that worked fine, then followed that with a NewRequest , here I tried Get and Post, Post being the logical one. The simple test is to check if both the Get and NewRequest respond with the same csrf cookie, which it should do. I have found no examples of the Button clicking online yet.

The button is integrated in the form element.

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