Load plugin error

i have several plugins:

p1, err := plugin.Open("/repository/1.0/export.so")
if err != nil {

p2, err := plugin.Open("/repository/2.0/export.so")
if err != nil{

second plugin.Open throws panic:

plugin: plugin already loaded

what is the reason?
how to load several plugins?

Hi @Poletaev_Roman,

Is one of the two export.so files a copy of the other one? If so, you seem to have run into issue #19004.

If each export.so has been compiled from its own source, then it might be a new bug. I haven’t found the time (in front of a Linux shell) to try replicating the behavior, so I am only guessing. But the docs say that plugin.Open() will happily return an already loaded plugin if loaded a second time, so the error message “plugin already loaded” makes no sense in your test code. So most likely it is a bug.

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i open new issue for it

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