LiteIDE - how to autoimport packages

How to set up LiteIDE to autoimport used packages?
For instance, there is a new line of code


Then save file and gp package added to imports automaticaly - is it possible?

Already found it :slight_smile:

When you press . after a new package name LiteIDE offers you to import the package. Jut press enter and the import line will be added. If you written the entire line (eg. gp.SerialGP(12)) you can simply push Ctrl+Alt+I to add the used package. To do this the package must be into a known path (eg. GOPATH, vendor, etc).


Can you provide the solution founded to help others in the future?


that was as simple as

I didn’t know about Ctrl+Atl+I.
It is very convenient for typing without interruption and then do a “batch” import.
I’ll try it this evening. Thanks.

Seems that it’s works only for standard library. .+enter works for all packages (standard+vendor,github,etc).

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