Library for Calendrical Calculations?

A couple of years ago, as a result of some research I was doing, I acquired a copy of Calendrical Calculations by Dershowitz & Reingold. Whilst googling for more information regarding the code examples contained in the book I vividly recall seeing a reference/link to a library of routines written in Go and available online.

At the time I was only vaguely aware of the Go programming language and consequently passed on by. Skip forward and I now find myself in the position of an enthusiastic newcomer to the language who would dearly love to use this code to assist in learning/improving my Go programming.

However, try as I might I am unable to find any references or links. If this awakes any memories or rings any bells with anyone I would be extremely grateful for pointers or further information.

Maybe these resources can help:

Thanks for those links. I had actually already found the first one, which looked remarkably similar to the web page where I remembered seeing the reference originally.

The code in question was specific to the examples given in the book, which had been written in lisp, and it is possible that the library may have been withdrawn due to copyright - just a surmise on my part.

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