Library for array and slice and map

(sadegh) #1

in PHP we use:
and it will remove this just in one line code
but in golang is very lovely!!!:
we should write a for loop and in the for loop we should write if and in the if we should write:
index = append(index[:key], index[key+1]…)

and why should we spend too much time for this common work???
if memory is very very very important for programmer, it’s OK , do it.
BUT most of the time, time is more important for programmer.
please at least add some more comfortable functions in library.
I think it’s better should be like:
if somebody needs memory… so will not import “array”
if somebody does’t care about memory and needs time and faster code
so will import array

don’t you think it is better?

(Alexander) #2

Why do you need for and if for remove element? Just

index = append(index[:key], index[key+1:]…)