Let the Gopher Source Adventure Begin!

As part of my evil plans to become a Go contributor and bring the community along for the ride, I’m making the Go forum our home base to plan and coordinate.

I’ll use this thread to keep y’all posted on the progress and start new ones to give us a place to collaborate on our various tasks. Feel free to start your own as you come up with ideas!

  • Catch-up on the state of dependency management in the go toolchain and try it out
  • The firehose of what changes are in the pipeline
  • How to become a Go reviewer
  • Supporting and learning more about Project Athens
  • … more to come as we progress!

I am not a moderator on this forum, but I am asking that discussions that are about dep, the vgo prototype or why I’m an awful person should be held in separate threads so that newcomers can easily find information on how to join in with us.

Thanks! :sparkling_heart:


This is exactly what I enjoy seeing in the Go community! I love the positivity. I would love to help. We could also add “supporting and learning more about project Athens.” If I’m not misinformed I believe I read that Mr Ketelson and team are working on building a project to support vgo via a web interface of some sort. Please excuse my lack of detail as I have not yet started digging in to learn more.


Yes, good point, Chris! @bketelsen, Erik St. Martin and @arschles (there are more, but those are who I know!) are all working on project athens/olympus: implementing proxies and registries to avoid more “go-bindata” events in the community. :wink:

We are all working on essentially the same thing: stop waiting and start implementing what we need in the Go community. I’ll poke those guys and trick them into to create accounts on this forum so that it’s a bit easier to collaborate.

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@wolves Athens maintainer here! Glad you mentioned the project. We’re a few months in and have a prototype. I’ll start up a new thread dedicated to the topic, but we’re having our first weekly developer meeting in 30 minutes (11am US Pacific Time)

I’d love to have you and anyone else who wants to join us if you can!

Details here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xpvgmR1Fq4iy1j975Tb4H_XjeXUQUOAvn0FximUzvIk/edit#heading=h.j77t62eely05

  • Aaron
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I’m Here! <3


For anyone who is interested in contributing to a community proxy + registry for Go, head on over to the Athens thread for info on how to join

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Darn, didn’t see this till after the meeting. I will try to attend one of the future ones to get my bearrgins Thank you for the info.

The first thing that I would like to do is to try out the new Athens project with a build of Go that I built myself. I’ll update this post with my progress!

4th of July Hack Week Goals

  1. Build Go from Source :white_check_mark:
  2. Figure out how to run a project Athens server myself
  3. Make a sample repo that uses the new native go dependency management along with an Athens proxy

Stretch Goals (i.e. it stays over 100 degrees F all week)

  1. Try out the package registry in project Athens
  2. Contribute to the docs for project Athens with anything I learn while setting this all up!

I’m be figuring out how to build Go today, and posting my fails, derps and wins in [gophersource] Building Go from Source. When I’m done, I’ll turn that into a blog post. I hope you’ll give it a try yourself, and if you run into trouble, ask for help in that thread!

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Aarti (classyhacker) pointed me in the direction of Kevin Burke’s Becoming a Go Contributor talk. :100:

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I really like your initiative @carolynvs :heart_eyes:
I work every day in go in my company and I was searching how I can contribute to this awesome language. After reading your posts about Gopher Source Adventure and then Building go from Source, I decided to join :slight_smile:
So here is my first post in this forum, and I’ll spend the day installing go 1.11beta2, testing vgo and finally take a look at Athens project.
Thanks again to this community.

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Hurray! :tada: I haven’t tried beta2 yet, but I’m looking forward to not having to live dangerously off of master.

Athens is super close to being in a state where we can start using it locally. Just a warning it’s not ready yet. We are waiting for “synchronization” to be implemented (i.e. the proxy retrieves a package from github when it’s not already in it’s cache). The issue to watch is amusingly enough called “The Big Kahuna” :joy: Big Kahuna: Do cache fills synchronously · Issue #290 · gomods/athens · GitHub.

I am working closely with the Athens team and will start off a thread on playing with Athens when it’s ready for us to try!

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