LastInsertId is returning 0, when using database/sql package with oracle driver


I am using database/sql package with oracle driver (“”), when I am inserting the data, it’s LastInsertId Method is returning 0, while data is successfully inserted.
Attaching code.

import (

_ ""


func main() {
conn, err = sql.Open(“ora”, username+"/"+password+"@"+host+":"+port+"/"+sid)
query := “INSERT INTO Table (C2) VALUES (:C2)”
result, err := conn.Exec(query, “Test”)
if err!= nil {
lastId := result.LastInsertId() // returning 0

Please tell me why this is happening?

result.LastInsertId() should also return an error as a second value, please check if it is non-nil. Not all databases support this function.

As you do not use the second value in the code pasted, I’m not even sure if it compiles at all, and I can not test as I’m in a mobile.


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It is bette idea to use an SP and in this SP return the last id

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