Kvstore: Kvstore for time series data, with indexing and data compression

Hi Gophers,
I am currently working on an opensource project kvstore. It originates from a C++ project, I simplify the functionalities and rebuild it with golang. Golang is excellent for this kind of software. If you have interest with the project, please checkout this repo.

Thanks for sharing your project here.
Just curious, how does this compare to Influxdb, Prometheus, and other time series related Go projects?

Hi christophberger,
kvstore is more a kv engine than an entire db product, it should be compared with HBase HFile, Kafka segment or Redis ziplist, in fact the design behind these systems are similar.

Do you mean that kvstore does nothing specifically for time series data?

Influxdb and Prometheus have databases specially made and optimized for time series data.

You are right.
We use kvstore for series data with date as key, but kvstore is a kv-engine for common usage, it can be used as if the key of the data block can be represented as a uint64.

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