Jupyter Notebook for go driver

Can any one help me out in how to create an jupyter notebook for go driver.

Steps Like what to be installed or what changes has to be done.

Well, to be helped you must came with a detalied problem.

  • who or what is jupyter notebook? (i know, search on Google but i guess nobody have the time to search and understand your problem if is not well presented)
  • how do you intend to connect with, what should the driver do, what kind of driver you need?
  • do you have an architecture you must respect?
  • do you tried something? if yes, where do you get stuck? eventualy shares some code.
  • other details you consider important.

I had no idea what was Jupyter Notebook, but a quick search gave me too Go kernerls, https://github.com/gopherdata/gophernotes and https://github.com/yunabe/lgo, and here’s a short article that mentions the first one: https://imti.co/golang-to-jupyter/.

Jupyter Notebook is an open source web application where you can write examples for you your package and run them there it self.

As of my understanding it is just a notebook where you can write what the example does and you can paste your code there it self but the best thing is you can run that example there it self insted of create a file and running it in your environment.


I was able to setup the jupter notebook for golang using https://github.com/gopherdata/gophernotes
and able to run the normal go programs.

But when i tried to import third party package’s it does not import them.

Can any one help me on this?


Can anyone help me which go kernel has to be installed on the jupyter notebook to load third-party packages into the jupyter environment?

As of now, I am using https://github.com/gopherdata/gophernotes kernel which lacks in loading third-party packages.


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