Jira tool written in go

I am terribly frustrated with jira’s clunky user interface. I’d like to hire a contractor to build an open source tool in go that interacts with the Jira API in the following way. I’d like it to have a command that dumps a bunch of jira issues into a text file, then I edit that text file, then another command that updates all the issues in jira according to the changes I just made to the text file.

I would pay hourly for this work, but in fact the real reward would be that you would be doing god’s work by relieving untold hours of clicking around the jira web interface.

Sorry for posting here not in jobs section, but see above re god’s work.

Post here if interested.

Have you looked at this one from Netflix? https://github.com/Netflix-Skunkworks/go-jira

There are others, mostly called “go-jira” (but unrelated).

Yes, but I have a very different interface in mind.

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