Issues with

I have AppV1.1, and i want to replace AppV1.1 with AppV1.2.
I want to kill the parent and have the child take it’s place.
When i use:

            c := exec.Command(filePath, "")
			c.Stdout = os.Stdout
			c.Stderr = os.Stderr
			if err := c.Run(); err != nil {
				return fmt.Errorf("could not update linux service to use the latest executable %s: %v", filePath, err)

I have tried:

c.Start(); c.Wait(); //I think this is c.Run()
syscall.ForkExec(filePath, s, execSpec)

They all end at the same spot.

This will work but it doesn’t kill the parent. It doesn’t matter how i kill the parent, but if i kill the parent, the child becomes corrupted.
I can use os.Exit(0) in the program, or just kill -9 pid, it doesn’t matter, the child is corrupted.
I am using "" to schedule tasks.
I believe the threads are failing to fork properly.
Thank you for help.

I tried os.StartProcesses()