Issue while doing go mod tidy


I have done go get which is successfully done but after that when I am doing go mod tidy I got

go: downloading GitHub - klauspost/compress: Optimized Go Compression Packages v1.13.6
go: finding module for package imports imports imports module found (v1.0.2), but does not contain package

I have tried with go clean -modcache as well but didnt work for me

How to fix this issue, any pointers will be helpful

Iā€™m not good at this package dependency chain stuff, but I think maybe that needs to update its reference to from v0.26.0 to v0.27.0 or later which looks to be the release where kubectl updated to v1.0.2 of where the package was changed from to just

Maybe open an issue with helm?

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Thanks @skillian ,On Your suggestion I have opened an issue with the Helm :slight_smile:

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