Is this site open source?

I am sure , this site in running on golang.
Where i can see the source ?
is it available?


This is a Discourse instance
It is as far as I know not written in Go :slight_smile:

There is the beginning of an equivalent written in Go here:

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I think discourse is written in Ruby :smirk:

I think discourse is written in Ruby 

yep. and when I tried to install an instance for a non-profit organization, I’ve found out this was using a boat load of resources (way out of my budget envelope) and it was quite cumbersome to install.

I also tried nodeBB (written in nodejs).
this was easier to install but also quite resource hungry for my small wallet.

that’s why I went (in the end) with a simple Go-based (buffalo-based actually) solution.

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I never tried buffalo, but it seems to be pretty good :smirk:

Yup. That is definitely an issue both with Ruby and everything they have wrapped around it.

Hosting-wise, did you see that they offer non-profits a discount?

The basic Docker install should be pretty simple. Any redundancy in the setup and it gets complicated fast. I believe there isn’t an effort to make this easier because they really want you to host with them.

Is Go Saloon what you ended up using?

Yes. That’s what I ended up using.
I also plan to use it for (once I figure out how to convert all the historical data from the associated go-hep GoogleGroup)

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