Is this a good design for a package?

I want to use a sync.RWMutex as a local variable inside a package that copies/moves/deletes files and then (in simple terms) updates the state of the paths in other local maps.

So I decided to create the local mutex and leave this comment in it:

// To block/unblock when performing reads and writes in blogs.
// mu should only be used in exportable functions that perform reads and writes
// in memory (i.e. someXMap and someYMap) and in the filesystem, non-exportable
// functions that also perform such reads/writes should not use mu but its
// caller which mandatorily must be an exportable function.
// In short, the non-exportable functions that make reads/writes in the blogs
// can only be called by an exportable function that uses mu.
mu sync.RWMutex

I wonder what another developer would think when he gets to work with this package and reads that mu should only be used in exportable functions, is it a rational design?, or should I strive to find another better method?

  1. What is the product being packaged? Knowing the product will help me understand the functionality and aesthetic needs of the design.


I want to know if my approach will avoid race conditions.

  • What are the goals of the design? (e.g., attract attention, convey information, be easy to open)

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