Is this a closure? (Javascript but I found this example)

So I’ve been trying to understand the use for closures in Go, but I found this example while helping a friend with JavaScript.

Is this a closure? It seems to meet the requirements, and this use case makes sense for a closure.

let trashImage = document.createElement("img");
trashImage.src = "img/ic_delete_1x.png";   // path of the image
trashImage.addEventListener("click", function () {      <--- This addEventListener function

Thank you kindly

Yes, assuming that deleteCard or email are things defined in the surrounding scope, the function literal “closes over” them and is a closure.

If they are both global variables then it’s a matter of definition, but it would probably be called a closure (colloquially) anyway.

To get a better understanding of closures in Go you could take a look at