Is there volunteers to help newbies set up simple idiomatic Client-Server gRPC MySQL CRUD

I am one of those newbies in programming and i am trying to learn how to make simple, idiomatic and clear setup to play with.
So the main idea is to have 3 GitHub repositories called : /proto, /server, /client
And locally hosted MariaDB or MySQL.
And the idea is to have fully functional simple Web Based app with list of Customers and with options to List, Create, Read (one customer), update and Delete. As well probably some other most common methods.
I would like to make this instruction (tutorial) public in for example Google Pages.
Stack: Go, gRPC, MariaDB, little HTML and CSS. I would like to avoid ANY fancy external libraries and to use only standard lib. Except mby Gorilla Mux.
Must implement TLS at least. Mby Auth Interceptor… or general Authorization mechanism for requests but probably too hardcore for newbies.

is there anybody willing to help? I am open to any ideas.

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