Is there anywhere where I can look up the meaning of error messages?

that would sure be helpful ! :slight_smile:

Yes, in the error message. Usually its just enough written in them.

Hi Cherolyn,

After you understand Go and programming better, the error messages will start making more sense to you.

One thing you can try is copying the part of the error message into the search field of Google or the Go Forum search, and see if anyone has explained it here, on Stack Overflow, or some other website. That won’t always lead you closer to understanding your bug, but it can help.

This is why it’s important to have a descriptive title for your post. Then your post can be found by others.

Often, the error message from the compiler, even if you understand it, won’t tell you exactly what you did wrong. As in your recent example with the extra dot character, what you type looks like something completely different to the compiler, compared to what it looks like or means to you. When people make mistakes, they do all sorts of crazy things, and it’s very difficult to write a compiler that handles every possible kind of syntax error by telling the programmer, in a way that is meaningful to her, exactly what she did wrong. Sometimes you just need to look at the line number listed in the error message, then look at that line of code carefully and see if you can spot your error.

Thanks you guys for your help with this. I promise I’ll get there with time and work

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