Is there any specific naming convention for Test functions of private functions?

My apologies if this is a naive question, but I was unable to find any similar topics here or on StackOverFlow. I am aware that testing public functions are generally recommended, and the test function’s naming convention is TestFoo() where Foo() is the public function.

However, say if I want to test a private function called doStuff(), then which will be the idiomatic way to name the test function for it.

  1. TestDoStuff()
  2. TestdoStuff()
  3. Test_doStuff()
  4. Other (Please mention in reply)


Finally, the convention in Go is to use MixedCaps or mixedCaps rather than underscores to write multiword names.

I would say that from your example the best name will be TestdoStuff, since it’s not exported function. Same you can go with TestDoStuff. But no underscores in names

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Yes, it seems MixedCaps/PascalCaps would be the most apt approach since with TestdoStuff, the linter goes crazy. I am going with TestDoStuff() and mention the private method testing in comments for better readability.