Is there any payment gateway available except Stripe , which collects payments on location basis and it's Go SDK is available?

Hi Guys,

I am working on a product and I want to integrate payment gateways. Basically it’s a Booking System and Merchant have to collect a payments on Location basis. Like Stripe having a functionality, we can collect payment on the city basis.
I have already integrate Stripe, now I want to integrate one more payment gateway. I am looking for a new payment gateway which will provide location base payment, I can easily manage my customer etc. And most importantly Go SDK would be available for this, because it will save my lots of time.
It already checked these ::
1.PayPal (doesn’t provide payments on location basis)
2.Square(Go SDK is not available for this)

Except these gateways, can anyone suggest me which payment gateway is suitable according to my requirement??

In advance thank you so much so the help!

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