Is there any good case study for making process driven/workflow based enterprise solution developed in Golang? Or should I use Java to make core workflow engine?

Hi, I have to make a solution -> where one android/web application will interact with golang/java api and create one transaction. That transaction will create a process and assign the task to a process executive. Process executive will open the same and approve or reject the same. This kind of enterprise level web application is good in golang? as there are lot of transaction management and queueing and integration patterns are involved so can anybody give a wonderful case study where same kind of enterprise solution had made? Or should I go for java as Java has lot of case study to show.

If you are familiar with this Java tools available for this project, I’d save your innovation tokens and use Java.

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Just write an http endpoint to “go” (asynchronously thread) an exec and set a cookie, return a uuid, or do whatever sync method your into.

Results saving can go to a file / S3 (if planning for persistence) named in accordance with your sync mechanism. A 2nd endpoint can serve the content for that key (for files, have a completion indicator).

No need for a queue here unless the target process needs it, in which case: fill a buffered channel of (your queues width) count, then: dequeue, defer enqueue, process.

So that’s about 50 lines of code in 1 file. Instead of a case study, just build it and test for your needs.

You’ll benefit from low memory usage, startup time, parallelism, and 1 binary that needs no libraries. Performance isn’t really a concern vs the delays of process execution for your need. See the go vs java presentation (slides) if needed.

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