Is there a useful io library for go

go’s io.Reader/Writer is very useful for stream data input/output
but golang Implement(bufio, strings.Reader,bytes.Reader, bytes.Buffer) was too simple
Are there any useful io libraries for third parties?
I want io lib that Implement Reader and Seeker method , and an multiple Reader
here is fake code

// ReadSeeker
NewReadSeeker(reader io.Reader) ReadSeeker{}
func (ReadSeeker) Read(b []byte) (int,error){}
func (ReadSeeker) Seek(offset int64, whence int) (int64, error){}

// MultiReader 
// It will cache reader with size ,and return num io.Reader for downstream user
NewMultiReader(reader io.Reader, size, num int) []io.Reader {}

I can’t tell what you’re trying to do. If you need an io.ReadSeeker, you can use an *os.File. Or do you want something in-memory? If so, why?

I also can’t tell what your example MultiReader function is supposed to do. Can you specify the problem you’re having?

I have wav process http server,that to analysis wav header ,and then repackage the wav header and data give downstream function,so I need like Seek function to reset the Reader

NewMultiReader is very useful ,just like Save the data while calculating the hash

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