Is there a smtp.SendMailTest?

I have tested several mail validation scripts. All code works perfect as long as the mail address is valid.

But I have a strange problem. ONE mail address is valid BUT my smtp server refuses to accept this domain for some reason. So the validation passes the email, but smtp.SendMail gets an error.

The result is that no mail is sent, but the validation reports no error.

So I am looking for to send the mail using my smtp server WITHOUT sending to validate that the server accept the mail address, before actual sending.


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If I understand right you validate the email address in some kind of form and you want to know if the mail server deliver the message… Well, I think that is pretty hard to know until you haven’t a closer link with your mail server. Once your mail was passed to the server you don’t have to much control over it and more than this, the server can deliver the message imediatly, can delay the message, can retry by a number of times, return an error, and so on. If you use a simple mail sender perhaps it will return an error or not because it can’t know the reason who stop the server to deliver a message.

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No, because that’s not how SMTP servers work. They can reject mail at any time, and that includes after you send the data.

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