Is there a package to create services on Linux and Windows?

In Linux we have the systemd and in Windows the system services, is there any package that helps me to automate this process?, since I need it for several resources and doing it manually is ugly.

There can be 2 packages, one for Linux and one for Windows or only 1 if there is one.

Hi, Willy,

What process are you trying to automate? Do you mean running your Go program as a daemon/service or just installing it? It’s my understanding that Windows services are distinct/special from other Windows processes, but on *nix, a daemon is just like any other process. If you want to run your Go program as a Windows service, take a look at which seems to have what you need to install a Windows service. I’m not sure about systemd; I would think you would need to interact with each system’s package manager to properly handle installation for each distro

By automate I mean install all the necessary services/demons for my server, as I can do them manually but obviously that is far from ideal.

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