Is there a Go Library for "forum-style" post formatting?

Hi everyone,

I need to build a feature that allows the user of my website to enter a “forums-style” formatted post or comment. They need to be allowed to make text bold, insert headlines (a bit like H1, H2 etc), insert images, denote paragraphs etc.

A few examples:
[B]Bold text[B]

My website would then render this Post/Comment to HTML based on the tags above, when displaying the page.

I’m about to start coding my own implementation and then thought I should ask here first if something like this exists. I’m a little bit worried about JavaScript/HTML injection into this formatting-engine from a security point of view.

Is there anything such as this which already exists?


Looks like “bbcode”, first hit on google was

Though if you prefer markdown, there seems to be as another first hit on google.

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