Is possible to display data as graph/chart on your local machine?

Hello is it possible to display your gathered data from user input?

I have 3 users each of them have sales goal(example : 3000) and how much they made with their sales (example: 555) . Could I display this data and compare all of them ?

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You need external packages. If terminal output is good enough, I recommend:

Another easy way so far is to build a web interface serving chart JavaScript framework like The prerequisite is to have web development using go knowledge.

If you want it to be local app: is good enough. Mine me, Qt is very tough at start without good mentoring.

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Do i need start like xampp server for ChartJs?

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ChargJS is a JavaScript framework. You can source it from its CDN: on HTML pages.

Go can run web server on its own. A good start would be: Go server is powerful enough to run without ngix or apache servers.


  1. Prerequisite: web development using Go.
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