Is it really not recommended to use Frameworks in Golang?

How about Frameworks in golang, I am new to golang and I ve plenty of questions in mind.
Do I need to start with Frameworks or what do you advice?

A framework for what? What kind of application do you have in mind? CLI? Webservice? Other kind of server? A game?

For basic CRUD Web Application. I am concerned about Authentification. Do I need to use a framework.?

I don’t do my webstuff in Go, but from what I have seen so far, I don’t think a framework for the webstuff is necessary.

I’d use an authentication and authorization library though, which one you need to discover yourself.

Also I’d search for alternative template language as I’m not convinced about the syntax of go templates.

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Can you please give more details about "template language "? As you know I am new to golang and for me it seems go’s templates are not much flexible. It’s just my opinon for now.

When we tried to use it in the company I am working for we had a lot of trouble maintaining the correct amount of whitespace in a file which had significant whitespace.

Also the syntax and the fact that you have only a single value in the context is something one needs to get used to.

In my company we were used to the way ruby does it with ERB…

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Hi there, I also new here. I also have same question like yours in my head. I hope someone who use Golang for build web system can give a word of opinion about this

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We developed a new templating engine based on pongo2

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