Is Gorilla/session fast in performance?

is gorilla/sessions a high performance option for making sessions or there is a better option? All what i care about is performance speed

What are you building? How many requests per second are you expecting?

For now, I’m not really building any real-world application, Just a simple Todo app. LaterI will move my startup chat app Orgachat to Golang. I’m looking for the highest in performance solution as that is the reason that made me leave Django and learn Golang (In my Django app it took 3 seconds to show the message to the other user!)

In my humble opinion you shouldn’t worry about perfomance of any widely used go tool. Gorilla is also
suported by go community. Try, test and see yourself. It is easy to maintain and improve your app’s performance anyime you need.

Gorrila will be orders of magnitude faster than Django.
And gorrila will take an insignificant amount of time compared to your DB, and networking.

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