Is gorilla/mux a mainly used package to write RESTful API?

I’m new at Go, when I’m finding how to write RESTful API in Go, I find following two tutorials mention the gorilla/mux package,

is this package a mainly used package to wirte RESTful API?

And is there way to quickly judge whether a pakage is mostly used by developers in specific domain and useful or not?

Can I judge just by how many stars the github project has?

(the gorilla/mux has 5 thousand stars :

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I don’t know if gorilla/mux is the most used in RESTful API programming but is a very good choice. Github stars can be a barometer for popularity but you must try it to see if fit your needs.


In my opinion gorilla/mux is fine if you do not build anything large (but even in such case u can still use it).
For a little bit bigger project I would suggest to use gin-gonic/gin. What convinced me to use gin is the possibility to
group routes by version for example:

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I like “gorilla/mux”, this is great for my applications but depends on always the context.


Gorilla has subrouters for grouping routes.


Ahh you are right. I did not spot that when I was evaluating Gorilla.
Indeed we can write something like this:

r := mux.NewRouter()
post := r.PathPrefix("/posts/{id}").Subrouter()

Thx for pointing this out.


I don’t like that gin changes handlers’ signature, but it is quite powerful, for example for middleware chaining.

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