Is Golang viable for a web app with music streaming/chat and social network features

Hello guys,

I am new to Golang, just started using a few days ago. I come from the PHP / Python background, and right now I have a very large project in hand.

My first option was Python but dealing with concurrency and streaming Golang caught my attention at first and then I saw Elixir.

My team has time to learn, so that’s not a problem, my main point is, will Golang be a more viable solution for a web app with a large code base, dealing with streaming, chats and a couple of social network features or its Elixir maybe a better solution?

Thank you guys in advance!

(P.S. sorry for my english and grammar)

Yes, Go is viable.

Whether your team will prefer it over Elixir or any other language I do not know and I highly doubt anyone here can answer that for you. You likely need to experiment a bit with it and see. But yes, it can definitely be used in your situation, much like pretty much any language could be. I mean, FB does all of this with PHP (and likely other languages behind the scenes).

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I completely agree with you! You can do almost anything with any language.
But some languages are design to work natively better out of the box for concurrency, and streaming and sockets etc.

My main point is, will Golang be more viable to maintain a large code base and scale well with this features in mind ? (I know you can have a good code base in any language if you structure your app well)

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Go works well with large codebases and makes concurrent programming easier, so yes it should do both of those things well. I don’t know what your specific needs are for sockets and streaming, but in my experience both of these things have also been easy to manage with Go.

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