Is GO really good for real world web apps?

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Following this post that was closed, any news about that?

For web, is there any advantage using GO vs java, C# .net Core?

Any difference using Go vs those two options?

I saw some tutorials using html templates in Go, similar to Razor in C#, right?

I will have more features, easy to deploy, fast page rendering, security, SEO, management using a framework like .net vs using Go? They will be both equal?


What particular news are you searching for? I believe the 17 answers in that post already refute Bruce Richardson’s overly negative view on Go.

  • More features: Cannot coment on this, please define “features”. :slight_smile:
  • Easy to deploy: Go is known for dead easy cross-platform deployment, but this is nothing new. Are you looking at particular deployment scenarios?
  • Fast page rendering, SEO, and managment are not related to the programming language used IMHO. Are you perhaps searching for a Web programming framework rather than for a programming language?

Tip: Whenever I have to look up something related to Web programming, I pick up my copy of Learn to Create Web Applications Using Go, which is a great book about Web programming, and the author Jon Calhoun also has built a complete Web programming course around it.


Thanks Christopher, I really appreciated alkl your help!!

I really like GO, and I would like to use for everything.

Just wondering if GO, because is newer than Node/Express, Java/Spring or C#,.Net Core, will have less libraries to help a newbie build web apps.

I saw some videos on youtube, Great stuff, programming Go , building a web app without any framework.

Comparing the frameworkless method or with some Go MVC frameworks like Beego, Gin, Iris, Revel, those would give me all the features needed to build a full web app as the toolset and libraries that .net core offers?

In another words. Go frameworks have all the features and libraries that .net core has?

I will have same features for authentication, build an admin panel, security, db integration and programming, etc?


You can easily check that this is not and will not be the case. .NET is a Microsoft technology with specific goals supported by this company. Go is a programming language with an extensive but rather low-level standard library. Go, the language, does not provide frameworks for application programming scenarios like .NET does. It is up to any 3rd party that builds a framework to decide on the included features. Nobodoy here call tell you if any framework written in Go will have all the features that .NET has.

But if you have a specific question on any part of building an application (security, database integration, …), please ask.


I second @lutzhorn’s advice. The best strategy IMO is to verify if a particular Web framework meets all criteria for your specific projects. Framework A may have the same or even more functional features as framework B, but this does not mean it is the better one.

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Thanks friends I 'll look into that.

I appreciated all your help.

Thanks again.

Main doubts I have for now…building a simple website with GO.

Let’s keep it simple for now…A simple website, like several people would do it using PHP Laravel/Symphony or wordpress without the admin panel and stuff.

Go frameworks or even using plain Go packages net/http to make a simple server/webpage.
A simple company webpage with products, pics, some test, css, JS, (static assets) using templates or even using angular or react as front end.

The reason I asked is because we had our site hacked and it was done with PHP/Wordpress, by a company.
My question is, a website built by a newbie like me, using GO would be easier to hack? Which steps should I take to prevent that?

If I use Go templates with plain html/css/js, the SEO , meta-tags, will be as easy to implement and as effective as doing in plain html?as

Another doubt I have, since Go is faster than JS, PHP, the static webpages should load way faster than using that languages right, using less processor and memory, or for something small like this, doesn’t matter as much?


Please ask such broad questions and also please don’t ask multiple questions at once. The more specific your question is, the more likely it is that we can give you specific advices. Take a look at for a guide to ask smart questions.

Sorry Guys, I do apologize for that.

Doing some research I found this.

Hope it helps!!


When writing web applications, you need to be aware of potential attack vectors from hackers. Things like javascript injection can change how the front end code operates, sql injection if not prevented against can cause your database to execute unintended operations, and cross site request forgery could potentially high jack user’s credentials and gain unauthorized access to a third party. These are just problem space issues you need to be aware of when writing web apps and there are more than what I’ve listed.

Go helps with some of these by default, but I would suggest understanding how your web site gets attacked in the first place and designing your strategy around preventing attack vectors. Security can look like a daunting subject, but I suggest to dive in and get familiar as you know from experience that relying on popular technology to protect you won’t always work.


Thanks Curtis,

Just wondering if old frameworks like .net , provide some security, without the end user had to deep dive in security and if we Go community have something similar.


A big advantage of Go over Java is that it’s comparable in speed, but uses a fraction of the RAM. For cloud hosting, that can be a significant savings on server costs.


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