Introducing go-generate-fast

Hi there,

I’m happy to announce a new project called go-generate-fast, a drop in replacement to “go generate” that make re-generations really fast. It caches the output when the inputs are the same, has support for multiple (a growing list of) tools, and supports custom scripts.

Feedback is very welcome, let me know what you think:

I had a quick look. I notice you’re supporting a few older tools that now have better options (and whose repo’s haven’t been updated in 5+ years), e.g.

  1. seems to be an effort of getting generics into Go long before Go had generics
  2. and which can be replaced by the standard

Of course these can be useful for legacy projects (maybe that’s your goal?) but it might be a good idea to warn about their usage and suggest newer/more standard alternatives?

@duckduck the goal is to support as many tools as possible, wether being old or new, I’d prioritize implementation depending on demand.
Reason I chose them was arbitrary, I got couple existing project repos and used them to make them fast. They were using a combination of these tools.

In any case, let me know if there’s any tool you’d like to see supported!

Regarding warning about newer/more standard alternatives, I really like your idea! Created this issue: Warn users about newer/more standard alternatives to commands being run · Issue #13 · oNaiPs/go-generate-fast · GitHub

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