Intellij idea, how to have several files with the main menu

Hello people, a consultation,
I want to practice using IDE intellij idea,
the problem is that I have several files with the main method,
and they do not execute what each file does,
ok I understand that this visual code, among others,
but I want to use this intellij idea software,
someone knows how to set up how to execute each file
with its own main menu.

try putting it in a folder,
but the main menu does not build

Attached photos of the crime scene

I hope you help me set up my environment,
Thank you

sorry people, I retract,
I was able to compile each file independently
it was a configuration problem nothing more,
I do not understand how there is not the option to delete the publication

I speak of configuration, because I have 4 files
2 of them yield the same result and 2 of them differently.
Then, I had to enter a variable when executing the files
that’s why I was reviewing and it was indeed that variable in the configuration


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