Installing UPX on Windows 10 for compressing golang binaries

Hello, i want to install UPX in Windows 10 for compressing and reducing the size of my compiled file for linux.
my file is almost 6mb+ i want to compress it to as low as it can.
anyone can tell me how can i install UPX Compressor in my Windows 10 ? Actually i didn’t find any particular post or docs about Installing UPX On Windows 10 for compressing golang binaries

It is simple zip file. Extract it.

Why do you want to compress it? Why is 6MB a problem?

6MB is so much large for just 200 lines of codes.
we have to develop this program much more and this can exceed 1000-2000 lines so we want to compress it

Increasing your program’s lines of code 10x will not necessarily increase the executable size 10x. Go binaries are statically compiled by default so the parts of the runtime and standard library that your program uses are the majority of that 6MB. I suggest just writing the code and if the size becomes a real problem, look into solutions like UXP later. If you do need to go that route, I suggest checking UXP-specific forums.

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