Installer sets PATH environment variable incorrectly

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This is my first post on here. I am not exactly sure where to post this but here goes …

I installed Go on Windows 7 Pro 64 using the installer:

The installer created 2 environment variables:
User level variable: GOPATH
System level variable: GOROOT

The GOPATH environment variable (according to the “Getting Started” documentation) is the path to your workspace. I changed this because I have my source in another location.

The GOROOT environment variable is set to the installation directory for Go; in my case this is “c:\Go”

The installer added the path to the Go binary directory to the PATH environment variable as this:


This is incorrect … it needs to be:


Have fun folks!

No %GOPATH%\bin is correct. When you install packages you have written or used go get to retrieve from a repo, they will be installed in GOPATH\bin and GOPATH\src, the environment needs to know where to find these. It always checks GOROOT\bin first without the need of it being specified.


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Thanks for setting me straight.

You are correct!

What the install instructions are missing is the need for a complete logout of Windows - otherwise the system level GOROOT variable will not be recognized.


Usually it should be enough to close and reopen the terminal, but nevertheless, one can always do a temporary set

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