Install Go on OS X without escalated privileges?

I am not able to install the package because it requires administrative access. Is it possible to get up and running with Go programming without having escalated privileges on Mac OS X?

You can install from source, or untar the .tar.gz distribution wherever and set GOROOT to match.

(Who doesn’t have admin access on their Mac OS box though? This seems like an unusual situation. :wink: )


use Gopei project for this :slight_smile:

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Homebrew requires no admin privileges for installing Go (or any of the other apps, tools, and libs available through its repository).

Once you have set up Homebrew it is as easy as

brew install go

without requiring sudo.

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Homebrew requires admin privileges to set up to start with, though. But if already done, this is correct. :slight_smile:


Corporate overlords in the financial services industry. :frowning:

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I agree, this is a pretty good approach if you don’t already have brew installed. It also makes it really simple if you want multiple Go versions available for testing. Though, recently I’ve been using docker container’s for each Go version I want to support for testing.

anyway is highly recommended to use the last version because of many improvements. @jrmy follow the above installer and you will have the last compiler linked with an ide with all paths and variables configured and deploy tools for installing your application on a server if you have one. no root right are required. the only limitation on your Mac, is git installing if you don’t have the administration password. go get command will be also a problem, so basicaly you need to resolve with git.

also note that using high ports like 8080 for web applications is possible on restricted systems.

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This worked great. Luckily git is already installed on my system.

I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

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